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New Moon- June 2021

Have you been feeling off lately? Not entirely in control of your emotions? Have an overall sense of being out-of-whack? You're not alone. Pretty much everyone is on an emotional roller coaster right now.

The New Moon occurs on June 10th, 2021. It is falling in the zodiac sign of Gemini and it's also happening during the first Solar Eclipse of the year, making this New Moon pack an extra punch. We've had some emotional turmoil in the last few moon cycles and this one is no different. Thought you were ready to move on and had healed from your emotional scars? HA HA HA. Think again! The moon and the planets have another thing comin' for you.

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is going to be extra powerful, putting an emphasis on new beginnings, new ideas and new relationships. Any reservations or doubts you've had about the new job or the guy you just met are going to be amplified and you will be making mountains out of mole hills.

Usually, a New Moon is an excellent time to sow the seeds of intention and make plans for the future. Don't do this right now. Read the room, it's not the right time. That is to say that if something has already been in the works for awhile for you, it's still headed your way and that's okay! But this is sooo not the time to cut your hair and move across the country.

Did I mention the Sun and Moon align in Gemini AND Mercury retrograde is happening in Gemini? Do you know what that means?

It means we're going to be spending this New Moon taking a long, hard look at ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. Mercury retrograde though, doing its regular BS, is going to throw a wrench in that and have you question everything you're feeling. Are you feeling mad? Well somehow, your emotions are probably lying to you and you're actually just hungry. Are you feeling sad? Nope. Guess again. Probably just anxious.

Adding salt to the wound, the eclipse in Neptune will add to the confusion in navigating our emotions at this time. There's a lot going on with the planets and our emotional state right now, so cut everyone a little slack over the next few days.

Stay still and focus on what you're feeling rather than continuing your striving. Try to keep your emotions in check.


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