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Full Moon - August 2023

It's giving reflection. It's giving renewal. It's giving super moon energy.

Listen up astrology babes-we're in for a wild ride this month with not one, but TWO supermoons. Are you ready for it??

Buckle up, because the first full moon of the month is here. It's the Aquarius Full Moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, and it's here to stir up some celestial magic and intense emotions! If you're feeling a little extra emotional or caught in a whirlwind of stress lately, fear not, dear moon gazers-you're not alone. I'm right there with you stressin' with the best of em'.

This Full Moon is your cosmic green light to let it all out, purge, and find relief. I don't mean actually physically purge. Please practice safe habits and don't throw all of your belongings out the balcony window onto the street below. Instead, embrace this strong emotional energy as an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and make room for positive changes ahead. You can do this through a ritual using sage or incense to cleanse yourself and the energy in your home, you can declutter your home of any clothes that no longer fit your vibe, or you can do a meditation to clear out the junk that's living in your head rent-free. Ain't nobody got time for meddlesome rent-free thoughts. In this economy?! The rent truly is just too damn high.

One big aspect of this full moon is closure. Things are coming to an end. As the summer winds down, Jupiter is shining a spotlight on friendships and relationships and whether or not they're here for the long haul. Some chapters may be coming to an end, and while it might feel bittersweet, remember that not every person is meant to be in your life for the entire story. They may just be here for a page or two and others may be here for the whole dang trilogy. Cherish the memories, embrace the growth, and know that new adventures await on the horizon! If a relationship no longer serves you, you don't owe it anything to keep it around. It's natural to grow and evolve and outgrowing people is a normal part of life. While you're decluttering other parts of your life, take a look at those around you and decide if they're in the keep pile or the trash pile.

While you're setting your intentions for this full moon too, you can add a little extra razzle dazzle to it by adding just a touch of luck. Ever wished upon a shooting star? Well, it's time to amp up your full moon intentions with a sprinkle of meteor magic! With several meteor showers gracing the skies these days, seize the opportunity to align your dreams with the universe's enchanting light shows. You're never too old to make a wish on a shooting star and to me, summer is all about the youthful, enchanting, magical energy. Remember when you were a kid and it was so cool to place your hopes of getting that new toy or an extra s'more all on a big, hurtling space rock?? Awww, me too.

As the full moon takes us on this ride this week, remember that hard times are only temporary. You've got this! Self-doubt and insecurity may try to creep in, but stay strong, dear moonbeam! Trust in yourself, your abilities, and the path that lies ahead. Move through this full moon phase with grace, knowing that the universe has your back.

Embrace the energy of this August Full Moon, embrace change, and remember that with every ending comes a new beginning. Let go, trust the process, and shine as bright as the moon above and all those little hurtling space rocks up there!


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