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Hi! I’m Katy,

A content creator, writer, and social media manager. 

I believe that achieving a healthy lifestyle and living your best life is through many components. Having stable mental health, strong physical health, a good diet, and good relationships make up a healthy lifestyle and allow you to live your best life. Use the information on this site as a means to achieving your own best life and get an idea for the type of content I'm best at creating.

The meaning of Eudaimonia: This Greek word translates to "happiness" or "living well". Achieving a peak level of happiness is desired across the globe. I've strived to carve out my own little corner of the globe to promote living a healthy lifestyle, in all of its components, to achieve eudaimonia. 

As a writer, I strive to create worthwhile content for businesses to share with their target audience that leaves everyone feeling fulfilled. I've worked with a wide array of businesses to create meaningful content and hope to bring the same energy to your next business blog post! 

Through managing my own social media, I've since expanded to managing and creating social media for a variety of businesses. You know social media is something you need to have, but you're not interested in doing it yourself-let me step in. Adapting to your brand voice, staying true to your core message, and bringing engaging content to your pages is what I'm best at-all while building your online community! 

When I'm not carefully crafting content for clients, I'm working on a fiction novel, online course, and content for my own blog and social media. When I'm not doing any writing at all, I'm at the gym, caring for my houseplants, and relaxing with my partner and our feline companion, Merlin Magoo. 

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