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New Moon - August 2023

It's that magical time of the month again, when the sky gifts us with a brand-new canvas of possibilities— AKA, the New Moon. If you're new to the lunar cycles, worry not! I'm here to guide you through this August New Moon in Leo (along with others in the future) and show you how to bask in its fierce, fabulous energy.

A New Moon marks a fresh beginning—a chance to set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and manifest our dreams. This August, our lunar spotlight falls on the radiant sign of Leo, urging us to embrace our inner showstopper and leap into exciting new adventures.

With Leo's confident roar echoing in the galaxy, this New Moon invites you to embrace "Main Character Syndrome." Most of the time, this would be seen as a negative. No one wants to come across as being self centered or egotistical, but today-you really are the cat's meow. Strut your stuff, take up space, and remember that it's okay to put yourself first. Let confidence flow through you and dare to break the meter on your own greatness. In all reality, you probably are pretty great. Now it's just time to show it.

One way you can do this on a more personal level is to elevate your self-confidence with a powerful self-love ritual. Grab a pen and paper, and list all the qualities you adore about yourself. If there are aspects you're working on, jot down the traits you wish to love and then step into a world of delusional positivity—if you haven't heard....being delulu is the solulu. Place this list in a place you'll see it everyday, such as the bathroom mirror or fridge and repeat what you love to yourself as often as you feel inclined to do.

This Leo New Moon celebrates your inner child's boundless enthusiasm and creativity. Act the way you did as a fearless child and enjoy dressing up, dancing wildly, or savoring your favorite food with unapologetic delight. Get that ice cream all over your face-who cares? Not you. Leo's energy encourages you to love yourself in your most authentic form.

Taking a look at the Leo sign in a more objective way, we can learn a lot about ourselves from the animal that lends its image to this zodiac sign-the lion or lioness. In most cases, the female lioness is the provider for the pride. They do the hunting, the raising of the cubs, and the grooming of the lion. As we channel the lioness's strength, remember that nurturing doesn't equate to being docile. You can be compassionate while fiercely protecting your values and standing up for what's right. Just because you're all purring and cuteness now doesn't mean the claws can't come out when they need to.

Another ritual to embrace today in addition to your listing of traits you love about yourself is:

Light a yellow or gold candle to honor Leo's fire energy. Write down your intentions for this lunar cycle—what you wish to manifest, release, or embody. Sit with these intentions for a moment and try to envision them as you gaze further into the flame of the candle you've lit. As you continue to meditate on these goals and thoughts, find a quiet space within yourself. If you'd like to, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a warm golden light. Envision your desires taking shape and feel the energy of the New Moon infusing you with confidence and vitality. If you can dream it, you can do it.

*Disclaimer: not all dreams can come true because to some degree we are limited by physical things like gravity. If you dream you can fly, please don't go jump off the roof because that dream will not come true and you'll just splat on the ground which is soooo not a Leo vibe.*

How am I spending the New Moon?

For me, this New Moon is the spark that fuels my reinvention journey. I'm indulging in self-care, looking forward to upcoming spa and hair appointments, and unleashing my inner lioness with a renewed sense of purpose. Let September be amazed by the transformation! Seriously, I'm getting Botox and filler next week and I will literally be transformed.

So, as the Leo New Moon ignites your inner fire, remember that you're the author of your own story. Embrace the spotlight, nurture your passions, and let your confidence roar like a lion (or lioness).

~Note: Embrace the magic of the New Moon with open arms, but remember, this is all in the spirit of fun and insight, not a substitute for professional guidance.~


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