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Full Moon-October 2021

This full moon falls in the zodiac sign of Aries and brings in a take-charge energy on Wednesday, October 20th. This is an ideal time to girl boss a bit too close to the sun.

Arriving just 13 days shy of Halloween, this full moon ushers in a strong Aries vibe. Aries is represented by the ram. Ram's are best known for, you guessed it, ramming things with their horns. This is an ideal time to bulldoze through situations to get what you want and stand up for yourself to get the results you want to see.

This full moon also holds the title of Hunter's moon. It got this name by being in line with the time of collecting and gathering food to store for the coming months. Translating that into our day-to-day lives now, this could be the time to start collecting seeds of intention for what you want to manifest in the spring and rooting down at home, creating a cozy environment to hole up in throughout the winter months.

Falling in the sign of Aries, this can also be a time where emotions and tempers run high. If you're going through one of life's many ups and downs and you're currently in a down moment, it may be especially challenging at this time because emotions are so close to the surface. Before acting out on emotion and impulse, take a minute to think about what you're doing and saying and the lasting effects and consequences. Channel the in-charge, big boss energy that Aries brings in while trying your best to maintain a cool exterior. You can get what you want without leaving a trail of ruin behind you.

As always, full moons are a time to embrace the culmination of things; projects, plans, thoughts, or intentions. This is a great time to show gratitude for the things that are happening in your life at this time and take a moment to reflect on what the last few weeks have held for you.

Moving forward, use this time to dive into work, play, or self-care. Whatever you do at this time will have powerful and meaningful energy behind it. Use it wisely.


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