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Full Moon-May 2022

Raise your hand if you're ready for a fresh start! I know I am. Thankfully, this full moon is setting out to ensure just that. Keep reading to learn what May's full moon has in store for us.

This full moon is all that and a bag of chips. It's serving up a "Blood Moon" status (so spooky and so close to Friday the 13th) and it's giving us a lunar eclipse to boot. Oh yeah, and it's also labeled as a Supermoon, as if we didn't have enough going on with this one already.

The super-blood-eclipsing full moon falls in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The lunar eclipse was visible on the night of Sunday, the 15th, starting around 9/10 PM PST. This eclipse gives way to its nickname, "The Blood Moon." This is because as the lunar eclipse takes place, the moon, sun, and earth become aligned. As the full moon falls into earth's shadow, a reddish color takes hold. This red color gives the moon its "Blood Moon" title. The fact that it fell within such a notable Friday the 13th date was just a happy accident. The moon's Supermoon status comes from it being at its closest point to earth, making it appear larger and brighter than normal.

Did you think those were the only nicknames to grace this full moon? WRONG! We've got another one. This full moon is also dubbed as the Flower Moon. This goes along with the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." Unless you live in the PNW, coincidentally where I'm based out of. We are experiencing lingering April showers that have become May showers that don't show any signs of stopping and are likely to continue to June Showers. If you are actually experiencing "Spring Weather", just know, I am incredibly jealous and wish you an especially snowy, wet, bitter-cold fall/winter to counterbalance the gorgeous weather you're getting now. If you are a meteorologist, would you kindly let me know when the spring season will show up for us here? And to whoever is in charge of the groundhog...stop letting him out! He's never going to see his shadow, it will continue to be 6 more weeks of winter here and I can't take it anymore. Lock that 'ish up.

Now let's get into what the Scorpio energy is bringing to the table. This is a time for sudden, abrupt, and often welcome changes to occur in our lives. If you've recently received some news you've been waiting on (good or bad), the long term outcome could end up being a positive one. In the moment, it can be tempting to try to control every situation and small hiccup that comes your way but try to refrain. The course of events that's meant to happen is already in effect and all you need to do is roll with it. It's likely if you spend this time fighting against whatever change is coming your way, you'll end up struggling with it more than you need to. It's best to accept change as it comes and make adjustments accordingly.

Along with this, anytime we experience upheaval in our lives, it's tempting to lash out at others. While it can be difficult, try your best to get a handle on your emotions, speak clearly and intentionally, and resist the urge to speak out of anger, sadness, or resentment. Instead, opt to take a removed and unbiased approach to the situation at hand and handle it as calmly and rationally as you can. Full moons can always be a time when emotions are close to the surface, so keep them in check.

Scorpio is known for being a little intense and letting themselves be self-destructive in nature. It can be easy to indulge when emotions run high (hello, comfort food) but try not to give in to unhealthy habits at this time. Instead, use this as an opportunity to say, "Well, this sucks." And then get back on track.

As always, full moons can be interpreted as an end, a beginning or both. If one chapter is coming to an end, another one must be just a page away. Turn the page and embark on something new, welcoming the change that's headed your way instead of fighting against it.

Happy Full Moon!


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