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Full Moon-May 2021

This one's a big freaking deal! The Flower Moon is the closest supermoon we'll get this year. Oh! Did I mention it's also an eclipse?

Change is coming! And I don't just mean the change in mask requirements and businesses reopening. This Full Moon will kick up a whirlwind of life changes as it kicks off Spring Eclipse season. You can expect some major shifts and epiphanies making their way into your life at this time.

This Flower Moon falls in the fire sign of Sagittarius and will most likely shine a spotlight on the exciting, free-spirited nature of this zodiac sign. This energy may inspire you to step outside your comfort zone as you may be feeling more confident and whimsical than you usually would.

As always, Full Moons usually signify an end or a culmination of something. Take some time to reflect on where your passion in life is taking you. Are you following your hearts desire? Are you actively working towards accomplishing your goals? Does your day to day life reflect the life you ultimately want to live?

Between the Full Moon and Eclipse season, this is an ideal time to change your pace and set your sights on a new goal, allowing the fun and light hearted energy of Sagittarius to guide your way.


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