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Full Moon- June 2021

This Supermoon in Capricorn asks us to manifest our goals and recognize when the Universe delivers on them.

This Full Moon occurs on June 24th, 2021. It is falling in the zodiac sign of Capricorn which means our sense of accomplishment and desire to get the job done will be heightened. Leave it to the workaholic Capricorn energy to put our lives back on track after the emotional rollercoaster we've been on.

The Full Moon gracing our skies around mid-afternoon is known as the Strawberry moon. It's also a super moon, but don't get your hopes up too high. There will be no pink hues to see here, nor a giant strawberry hovering in space. It simply gets its name by appearing around the same time most berries are ripe for the pickin'!

*Full Moon Activity: Pick some berries! Eat them alone or bake them into a dessert. A sweet way to kick off the full moon.*

While this is a super moon, it is also the last super moon occurring this year. This moon will complete the trilogy of super moons we'll see in our skies and concludes the super-charged energies of the previous moon cycles. In other words, all those anxiety-inducing, energy-sucking vibes we've been falling victim to over the past few months will start to subside, hopefully, after this full moon does its thing.

Why does it matter that it's falling in the zodiac sign of Capricorn?

This zodiac sign often is attached to the phrase, 'work hard, play hard.' At the end of this moon cycle, when you've reaped your rewards and taken stock of your accomplishments, it's time to play! Spend this full moon (Which coincides extremely close to the Summer Solstice and is even more cause for celebration. Summer is officially here!) doing what you love! Play hard, eat all the good food, go to the places you enjoy, and spend time with those you love. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and allow all your hard work to pay off.

You've earned it!


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