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Full Moon-January 2022

This full moon is sending us on an emotional rollercoaster. Thanks, Cancer. Taking place on Monday (of course it's a Monday), January 17th. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Let's go.

Leave it to the Cancer zodiac sign to produce a full moon that's more emotional than others. This could be a highly emotional, sensitive, and tumultuous time for a lot of people. We've started a new year and whatever short-term goals or habits you set out to achieve may be taking hold by now. This is also typically the time when new year resolutions are starting to fizzle out. That's right, most people lose their motivation to keep their goals within the first few weeks of the year to the first few months. It could be getting more difficult to keep up with everything you set out to do and now you're feeling extra emotional and overwhelmed about it.

All I can really say on that if you're struggling and feeling that Cancer full moon in full force is, "Hang in there." ...? I know that's the most annoying thing to hear when you're having a hard time. That or, "Have you just tried relaxing?" *Rolls eyes* But really, you just have to get through it for the better days to make their way to you.

As always, full moons are a time of completion. The culmination of long-winded efforts, seeing the fruits of your labor, or the realization of something you've been striving for. This full moon is no different and completes a cycle that's been brewing since last July in 2021. Whatever you were working towards, experiencing, or dreaming about is coming full circle now. That could mean you've reached your goal or whatever problem you've been dealing with for the last 6 months is now being resolved.

Because Cancers are known for being highly emotional, crybaby water signs that are homebodies, this full moon could lead to some turmoil surrounding your home, relationships, or finances. Cue the phrase, "I'm still recovering financially from the holiday season." Aren't we all! Things may be a little rocky now while you're trying to bounce back and get back to a routine, but it'll even out again in a couple of weeks...probably.

Because of where this full moon falls in the lineup of zodiac signs, this Cancer moon could be a great time for a heavy emotional release of a problem or person. If you've been grieving, this could be one hell of a grief transformational experience in which you really just let go, let yourself feel what you're feeling, and then let yourself move forward. Similarly, if you've been struggling in a toxic relationship (friendship, romantic, or professional) this could be a time where that's all coming to a boiling point and you're both about to explode. Be careful! Arguments may be hard to avoid right now.

The next week or so will probably be a little bit of a cry-fest. Let it happen, have a cry night, and get it out so you can get going towards those better days.


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