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Full Moon-August 2022

This full moon falls on August 11th, 2022 in the sign of Aquarius and is dubbed, "The Sturgeon Moon." There's a lot of other planetary influence with this full moon, and it doubles as a super moon. In other words, there's a lot going on.

It's going to be a standoff. The sun and moon will be opposite each other during this full moon, which also doubles as a supermoon. The last supermoon of the year to be precise. The sun will be in the sign of Leo, whose "large and in charge" attitude can make everything feel a lot more dramatic and intense than it really is. Your ego may be front and center right now.

Supermoons always appear brighter and bigger in the night sky so if you're able to view it from your location, it's worth doing so-it's always a spectacular scene.

We're heading towards the end of summer and the moon is going out with a bang. The carefree, chill-vibes of the summer season are coming to a close and this full moon is prompting us to get back to reality and get back on track with our goals. Even if we don't want to.

A lot of people may feel the impact of this moon. It's weighing a little heavy on the emotions, that's for sure. Because of the moons placement in the sky amongst other planets, some unwanted feelings could arise. Struggle, frustration, and general anxiety-these could all be hitting you right about now. Summer has been a blast but as it winds down and fall is just around the bend, facing up to our responsibilities again can be cause for some premature sad-girl-autumn vibes. It's kind of like the ultimate case of "Sunday Scaries."

If there's something you've been putting off all summer, it's beating down your door now and you'll probably feel the pressure to answer it. Know that just because these feelings arise, it doesn't mean you have to act on them. It's okay to take a beat and just be for awhile. Your problems will still probably be problems 30 days from now. Plus, actions taken and decisions made when you're in a peak emotional state don't usually turn out so well. It's probably a good idea to ride this wave out before taking any real steps towards something.

Leave it the good ol' stubborn, realist Aquarius' to add a touch of obstinance to this full moon. Instead of owning up to how you're feeling and just deal with things that you're experiencing, you may instead find yourself looking for a thrill to take your mind off things. Bad habits can run rampant right now and you may have an easier time justifying those poor decisions because, "Why not?" Who wants to be serious and think about their future right now?

I say, lean into that indulgence and have some fun. There will be plenty of time to "get serious" during the next full moon. But that's just my two cents.

As per usual, full moons are a time for re-centering, taking stock of what's been, and looking towards what you want next.

Instead of letting yourself get carried away and caught in your feels, you can instead look towards the future with a little hope and optimism. Summer isn't over yet and there's a whole new moon cycle to get through before another full moon comes around, asking us to really settle down and get serious. Take this time to enjoy the little things that make you happy. Go for a walk while the summer sun is still beating down, take a nap in the middle of the day simply because you can, grab a drink at your favorite outdoor café and read a book.

Life is short, the moon is full, enjoy it.


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