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Full Moon-August 2021

This full moon falls in Aquarius and prompts us to own our unique qualities and bring full circle the emotions and experiences we had during the previous Aquarius full moon.

Gracing our skies on Sunday, August 22nd, this full moon falls in Aquarius, and if that sounds familiar it's because it should. This is the second Aquarius full moon we're getting in Leo season which doesn't usually happen. All those extra Aquarius vibes mean this is an ideal time to step into the limelight and let yourself be heard and seen. Aquarius is known for letting those in that zodiac sign speak their mind with reckless abandon and teach us not to be afraid of the traits that make us different.

With a spotlight being shone on our innermost qualities and traits that make us so unique, this is a great time to stand up for yourself and speak out. If there's been something on your mind that you've been wanting to say, a conversation that needs to be had, or a chance to do something you've always wanted to do; do it!

Referred to sometimes as the Sturgeon Moon, this cycle of the moon represents a time to look back and reflect on the last full moon that fell in Aquarius. More than likely, whatever situations and feelings you were dealing with at that time, are going to make a reappearance during this full moon. This could mean a resurgence in emotions or relearning a lesson you didn't quite grasp the first go around. Bringing the energy of the previous Aquarius full moon full circle, this allows us the chance to close the door on a chapter of our lives and open up new pathways for the future.

Great things are just around the corner. Take time during this full moon to reflect, rest, and reset.


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