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The Perks of Paddleboarding ...And why you should buy one right now

Inflatable paddleboards are having a moment and you don't want to miss out on it. Get yours from one of the companies listed below and hit the water!

Picture this. You're out at a beautiful, serene, clear lake. The weather is gorgeous, sunny and warm. You're sitting atop a paddleboard, soaking up the sun and radiating good vibes. Are you really going to sit there and try to say you don't want that for yourself? Because you know you do. And you deserve it! Here's all the reasons you should splurge on yourself and get a paddleboard.

"You're sitting atop a paddleboard, soaking up the sun and radiating good vibes."

1) They're really not as expensive as you think.

An inflatable paddleboard will probably run you about $400-700, depending on the brand, the deals at the time, and any accessories you choose to add on. When you break that down to cost per use, it's shockingly cheap! There are paddleboard rental companies all over the USA and they're usually available to rent on site at lakes and recreation areas too. These rentals will usually cost between $75-150 a day. They also usually require some kind of deposit so tack on another $100 for good measure. I'll do the math for you, that's roughly $200 a day to paddleboard!

***Note to self: Start paddleboard rental business. Highly profitable!***

Back to that cost breakdown now. If you are prepared to shell out upwards of $200 for a day trip of paddleboarding, then you're basically halfway to just owning your own board. If you plan on using it more than once or twice a year, which who are we kidding, you absolutely would be, then it's worth the investment.

***Freein Sup is affordable, has excellent customer service and offers a warranty on their paddleboards. Not that you would ever probably need it because they are fantastic quality inflatable boards!***

Check them out for yourself by clicking here!

irocker also makes great inflatable paddle boards! Plus, they come in totally adorable colors. Bonus points if you match your swimsuit to your board. Check out all their paddleboards and the great colors they come in by clicking here!

2) You will be in INCREDIBLE shape by the end of the summer!

Paddleboarding is an all over body workout, not just a workout for your arms. Hear me out here. Make it leg day by doing lunges on your board while you row. You already have to stagger your stance to help with balance, so just....stagger your stance long ways for a switch up in working those leg muscles. Once you reach a nice spot in the lake or wherever you're paddling at and want to just float for a little while, lay down and do some crunches. BAM! Ab workout. You'll get enough of an arm workout just by lifting, hauling, inflating and paddling and will in fact, look like a toned, tanned paddleboarding pro by the end of the summer.

***Bonus Activity: Do yoga on your paddleboard. I'm talking headstands and all those fancy yoga poses you do in your yoga class that you still don't remember the name of. It's a great workout, and it's great social media content. Your instagram will be making you look so fit and outdoorsy. It's a win win.

These paddleboards from Isle are headstand approved.

3) Being in nature is good for your soul. And your health.

There is legitimate, scientific articles online that prove that being in nature is beneficial to us as humans. Besides the obvious absorption of Vitamin D that we get from the sun, being outdoors for at least two hours a week can boost our mood, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and contributes greatly to our overall mental and physical well being.

So what exactly are you still waiting for? Go grab yourself a paddleboard ASAP and get outside. Your mind and body will thank you!


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