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Podcasts, TikToks, and YouTube Channels by Freelancing Experts: For New Freelance Writers

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Throwing yourself into the freelancing world can be overwhelming, these experienced freelancers make it easy.

When I was just emerging onto the freelancing scene, I had no idea what I was doing. I scoured the depths of the internet for anyone else who had done this before that could shed some light on how to get into freelance writing.

I found a few AMAZING freelancers that made information readily available, easy to access, and oftentimes free. These lovely ladies made freelancing a breeze to navigate and the combination of their wisdom got me to where I am today.

You won’t regret checking out any of these podcasts, TikTok accounts, or YouTube channels if freelance writing is something you want to get into. They’ve inspired me to create my own freelance writing advice content on my various social media platforms and to follow my freelancing dreams and may inspire you too!

Alex Fasulo

This fantastic freelancer started out where most freelancers do, on Fiverr. Starting with simple gig offers and only making a small chunk of change to becoming a six-figure earner through Fiverr, Alex Fasulo proves this is something that can be done and has been anything but quiet when it comes to teaching other writers how to get started in this business.

Through her podcast, Freelance Fairytales (about to launch into season 2! Hooray!) her Youtube channel, and popular TikTok account, Alex Fasulo provides an abundance of knowledge on anything you would need to know about freelancing. Including awesome snippets into how great freelancing can be, she also keeps it real with a healthy dose of reality to let people know it’s not all about that glam digital nomad life.

Check out her website by clicking on her name below!

Colleen Welsch

Colleen Welsch has super helpful online resources to provide new freelancers with everything they need to get started. She offers mentorships and coaching programs to help newbies stay on track with their freelancing goals as well as providing online courses through her website.

Her TikTok account is a plethora of easy-to-digest, nuggets of freelancing wisdom, and her website offers even more. Definitely one freelance writer worth checking out if you want to break into the freelancing scene.

Check out her website by clicking on her name below!

Jorden MaKelle

This was the first freelance writer I found and followed. Her story resonates with a lot of people when it comes to how we all got into freelance writing and she remained transparent through her youtube videos and newsletters just how real freelancing can get.

Jorden offers amazing freelancing resources, courses, and free online classes to anyone interested in the freelance writing world. She has a laidback, easy-going vibe and makes learning about freelancing feel like you’re just chatting with a friend.

Check out her website by clicking on her name below!


Providing a wealth of knowledge on their social media platforms, these three women are seasoned freelance writers and make it easy to bust onto the scene. Creating a welcoming, friendly, supportive community for other writers, these girls offer some must-have resources for anyone new to the freelance writing world.


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