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At-Home Workout

Stay healthy and strong at home with this workout guide. No fancy equipment required.

Isn’t it great how we were all so close to precedented times? Things were opening up again, gyms were starting to be mask-free and machines fully available; we were so close! With the new Covid Delta variant, things are rapidly approaching full quarantine mode again. Which means at-home workouts are going to be making a comeback.

To be honest, after I honed in on my at-home workout routine the first go-around with covid quarantine, I never went back to the gym. There was a part of me that longed for that sweaty smell and variety of weights that came with the gym but there was also a part of me that loved my self-made weights and workout routine I had crafted.

I’m going to share with you my full at-home quarantine workout routine, right now. No masks needed or fancy equipment. Just you, your home, and some heavy things you already have around your house.

Get swole!


Having abs is what we all dream about, right? Easier said than done. Abs are truly made in the kitchen and a healthy diet is key to getting your abs to show the way you want them to. The truth is, we all have abs, it just takes a low enough body fat percentage to see them. Either way, training and strengthening your core is beneficial to you to provide stability for a variety of other workouts and activities. In other words, even if you can’t see them, train them anyway!

Here is my ab circuit for an at-home workout. This is best done on a yoga mat on the floor.

  • Crunches 3x30

  • V-Sits 3x30

  • Flutter Kicks 3x30

  • Leg Up Crunches 3x30

  • Plank 1 minute

  • Russian Twists 3x30 (These can be done with a weight)

  • Plank Push Ups 3x30

  • Plank Dips 3x30

  • Reverse Crunches 3x30

  • Toe Touches 3x30

  • Bike Crunches 3x30

*For clarification, I am currently training abs twice as much as I typically would to achieve the fitness goals I have at the moment, so reps are higher. Modify reps to fit your ability and goals*


A common misconception, especially for women, is that doing arm workouts will make you bulky. That by lifting heavier weights, that activity will give you the dreaded ‘man shoulders. To that, I say, “Who freaking cares?” There is a great TikToker by the name of @gibz_ and she really puts it in perspective for us wider-shouldered, strong, weight lifting women.

She has a video on her TikTok that compares her stronger physique to that of much smaller women and uses the analogy that she is built like a brick, while they are built like an hourglass. In a fight, what’s going to hurt more, being hit by a brick or an hourglass? The answer: a brick.

Be a brick. Lift the weights. If you have milk jugs or laundry soap jugs laying around, fill them with water, rocks, or concrete and lift away!

  • Curls 3x10

  • Pushups 3x10

  • Overhead Press 3x10

  • Tricep Extension 3x10

  • Deadlift 3x10

  • Chest Presses 3x10


The physique trends come and go in this society but as of now, having some junk in the trunk is a trendy thing to have. You can’t control your genetics and whether or not you naturally store fat in your butt and hips, and you may not be able to afford lofty plastic surgery procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift to get you the Kardashian look, but through consistent workouts, you can get pretty close.

Back that ass up and drop it like it’s hot. Here are some great glute and leg exercises to keep you in shape at home.

  • Leg Lifts 3x30

  • Donkey Kicks 3x30

  • Bridge 3x30 (This can be done with a weight on your hips)

  • Fire Hydrants 3x30

  • Squats 3x30 (This can be done with a weight)

  • Lunges 3x15 (This can be done with a weight)

  • Squat Jumps 3x15

If you want to incorporate some cardio into your workout routine, it won’t hurt. Cardio is great for your overall health and it’s a great way to burn some extra calories if you’re going through a cutting phase and want to lean out prior to the summer season or a vacation. Jumping rope, walking, running and biking are all great ways to get some extra movement into your day.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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