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10 Activities to do this Summer

If summer 2021 is going to be anything like the summer of 2020 (which we all can just agree was the worst year and we will just not acknowledge its existence ever again) then it will be difficult to do anything involving large groups of people, indoor dining or mask free events. With this in mind, here's some things you can still do this summer!

1) Have a lawn games day with a small group of, hopefully vaccinated, friends.

Croquet, badminton, beer pong, cornhole! Oh my! You could even build your very own giant jenga. Spending time outside with a small group of friends, playing some old school lawn games and crackin' a cold one is a great way to spend a summer day!

2) Stargazing.

Why not get outside, at night, and look up at the sky? Seriously, when was the last time you really looked at the stars, because they are INCREDIBLE!

***Bonus points if you can point out more than one constellation! (We all know the Big Dipper. That one doesn't count.)

***Bonus activity: Bring a blanket and some pillows, some snacks and a beverage of choice and turn it into a romantic date night. Free and totally cute!

3) Cabin or yurt camping.

Sure, you can totally camp outdoors in a tent too, and that's absolutely okay! But the older you get, the more your back is going to beg you to sleep in a real bed. That air mattress can only do so much for your spine. There's no shame in glamping and you'll be uber comfortable while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors!

4) Go on a weekend road trip and camp off grid.

Here's your chance to sleep on the ground! Pack light and take off in your car. You can have a pre-planned destination or allow yourself to just go with the flow and see where you end up.

***Safety Tip: Let someone know your exact location or get a GPS sharing app so someone back home can know where you're at!

5) Paddleboarding.

Nothing quite compares to sitting atop a paddle board in a beautiful, pristine lake, letting your legs dangle into the water and letting your whole self absorb the suns rays. Whether you rent or buy one, it's a must for summer. Go with friends or on your own and get outside. Don't forget your life jacket!

6) Board game night.

This is something you can do with your immediate household or a small group of friends. Indoor or outdoor. Pull up some chairs, break out the scrabble boards and hit that triple letter space! Or play the game of life and escape from your own for awhile! It literally is all fun and games.

7) Lay in the sun for an entire day.

Be sure to use sunscreen throughout the day but really just let yourself soak up all that sun. Bring a book outside with you to keep you busy or just set alarms on your phone and take a little sun nap. Ultimate relaxation is just a beach towel and a sunny day away.

8) Spend a day at the lake, river or beach.

Summer makes it easy to enjoy socially distanced activities with friends and family. Going on a day trip with or without other people can be a fantastic way to spend a summer day. Cool down in the water and then go heat up in the sun. Repeat several times.

9) Go berry picking and make a cobbler or pie.

Everyone loves pie. Change my mind. The outdoors are bountiful with berries throughout the summer and you can obtain the bulk of your pie ingredients right from the great outdoors! Pick, bake and enjoy!

10) Have a campfire. Make gourmet smores.

Regular smores are for schmucks. You can do better! Instead of graham crackers, swap in chocolate chip cookies, or thinly baked brownies. You can get flavored marshmallows to compliment your cookies and complete the dessert sandwich with some fancy chocolate. By fancy, I really mean KitKats, Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys. Get wild with it!


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