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Full Moon-July 2021

This full moon snuck up on me faster than you can say, "Astrology." Anyone else?

I don't know about you guys but I don't understand how it is already the end of July. We are over halfway through 2021 and that is wild. Seriously, who got ahold of Hermoine Granger's Time-Turner from Harry Potter? If you have it, could you chill out, please?

This full moon falls on July 23rd in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This is important to note because next month in August, we will be experiencing another full moon in Aquarius. This zodiac sign is all about creating your own vision of who you are, and striking out on your own to show people who you really are! This is an ideal time to let that freak flag fly and do whatever brings you joy, despite what others think of you.

If you've been keeping something under wraps or dreaming of making some changes in your life, this is the time to make those dreams happen.

This full moon is also referred to as the Buck Moon. It gets that name due to it being the season that young bucks are starting to get fully grown sets of horns in. This signifies the culmination of a period of growth or the end of a chapter of your life. Take that as a sign that despite any doubt, you have reached the point you've been waiting to get to in order to take that next step. If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it. Do the damn thing.

While Aquarius is known for its independence and ability to stay true to one's path and values, this sign also values social interactions and environments. It's a funny coincidence that this falls at a time when many of us are re-learning how to interact in social situations after being isolated for over a year in a pandemic-induced quarantine. This zodiac sign is the least emotional of the signs, so it makes sense that as we begin to navigate a new normal and what social interactions look like, we may become confused or unable to navigate our own emotions in the process. Where do we fit into this new way of life?

Bonus Full Moon Activity: Step outside your comfort zone, AKA your pajamas, and socialize. Grab a coffee or a drink with a friend, go for a walk around the block with a family member, reach out to that friend you haven't seen in months and invite them to catch up via phone call. Any social interaction will help set the scene for the next phase of the moon.


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