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New Moon- July 2021

Hold on to your crystals and listen up, you open-minded Astro-curious souls. This new moon is comin' in hot.

June was no walk in the park, astrologically. It was more like a terrible amusement park ride after eating corndogs and greasy curly fries all day. You're not alone when it comes to experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and unfortunate events throughout the month of June. Mercury was in retrograde, causing its usual BS along with a solar eclipse. But it's over. It's done with. We can move on to something...hopefully, better now?

This new moon will occur on Friday, July 9th in the zodiac sign of Cancer. That's my sign, BTW! Other Cancer's and water signs might feel this moon phase a little bit more than the rest of you out there, but that's not a bad thing! This new moon should bring about some much-needed change. In a good way.

The new moon plays heavily into the qualities most Cancer's possess. This includes not just the sterotypical emotional, sensitive, cry baby Cancer tendencies, but also the ones that promote intuition, day dreaming, and creating big plans. In combination with the new moon already being a time to plant seeds of intention and focus on goal setting, the Cancer vibes will hopefully give you the push you need to make some major life changes.

Whether you're an emotional wreck because you hate your job and just want to quit, or you despise where you live and just have to get out, or maybe you have been wishing and hoping for a cute dog to come into your life; Use that gut instinct and the emotion you're carrying and let it lead you to something so much better. Your body is trying to tell you something is out of balance and you need something different to feel fulfilled. Listen to your body. Take the job offer, make the move, get the dog. Do what you need to do in order to be happy.

The emotional habits of a Cancer include the fact that they're never great at bottling things up. This crabby sign is known for letting things brew just under the surface until it all pours out and floods everyone's perfectly fine day. This is a time to let it all go and pour out that bottle you've been filling. Let go of what others think of you. Let go of what people might say. Be uniquely you in every way.

Good luck in all your endeavors!


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